Sunday, March 15, 2015

Training Your Dog to Deal With Separation Anxiety in Three Simple Steps

Dogs are very much like children. If you leave your dog for several hours they will start to bark and whine and chew on things if they are not trained properly.  Training your dog properly to deal with separation anxiety is the first key step in being sure that you do not have an upset dog that tears up your house while you are at work all day.

Three simple steps to help your dog deal with separation anxiety:

Step #1: Practice leaving and returning at short intervals at first
Your dog will have to get used to the fact that you are leaving. One of the reasons that he is getting anxious is because he is not sure if you will return. Practice leaving and returning at short intervals. You can do this by simply going outside for a few minutes and then returning. This will help him to understand that you are not leaving for good, but you are also showing him that you will be leaving the house for periods of time.

Step #2: Do not make your departure a big deal
Many fresh dog owners make the mistake of being overly affectionate before they leave the house for work. This ends up getting your dog excited and confused. Playing with your dog for 10 or 15 minutes and then grabbing your stuff and heading out the door leaves your dog wondering what they did wrong. When you do play with your dog in the morning before work, than allow for an ample amount of time to pass so that they can calm down before you leave.

Step #3: Keep your dog busy while you are gone
Leaving a treat, numerous chew toys and other things to do to keep your dog occupied while you are gone, will help them to deal with your absence. And in turn deal with the anxiety.

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